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Vitrebond Plus

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Vitrebond Plus 
• Faster, easier mixing and dispensing – with accurate, reproducible dosing from the award-winning Clicker™ Dispenser from 3M ESPE
•  An easier to mix paste-paste formulation
•  Low microleakage comparable to orginal Vitrebond™ liner/base
•  Reduces the risk of post-op sensitivity
•  Radiopaque
•  Long-term fluoride release
•  No additional hardware required 
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Code Product Description RRP Price Qty Detail
3M7571 Vitrebond Plus - Light Cure Glass Ionomer Liner / Base - SINGLE Pack (1 x 10g Clicker) £135.00 £112.00
3M7572 Vitrebond Plus - Light Cure Glass Ionomer Liner / Base - DOUBLE Pack (2 x 10g Clicker) £180.25 £150.00
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