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Paste Fillers

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Paste Fillers


Used to carry root canal cement apically in clockwise rotation after there has been a mechanical preparation of the root for treatment. Color-coded rings for easier identification. Wire is grounded in a conical shape and then formed into spirals with a tapered design. Stainless steel.

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Code Product Description RRP Price Qty Detail
PF21/25 Paste Fillers 21mm Size 25 (4/pack) £8.60 £6.95
PF21/25-40 Paste Fillers21mm Size25/40(4/pack) £8.60 £6.95
PF21/30 Paste Fillers 21mm Size 30 (4/pack) £8.60 £6.95
PF21/35 Paste Fillers 21mm Size 35 (4/pack) £8.60 £6.95
PF21/40 Paste Fillers 21mm Size 40 (4/pack) £8.60 £6.95
PF25/25 Paste Fillers 25mm Size 25 (4/pack) [178S.25.204.025] £8.60 £6.95
PF25/25-40 Paste Fillers25mm Size25/40(4/pack) £8.60 £6.95
PF25/30 Paste Fillers 25mm Size 30 (4/pack) £8.60 £6.95
PF25/35 Paste Fillers 25mm Size 35 (4/pack) £8.60 £6.95
PF25/40 Paste Fillers 25mm Size 40 (4/pack) £8.60 £6.95
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