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Self Cured Glass Ionomers

 Self Cured Glass Ionomers 


Self cured glass ionomers are an the most popular variant of the Glass ionomer range. Being a 'self cure' product the material will begin to slowly set as soon as it is exposed. We offer a large number of Self Cure Glass ionomer products ar precision dental. Brands include: Fortis, Fuji, Riva, Ketac and Voco.

Radiopaque Glass Ionomer Posterior Restorative

Fuji 9 GP

From £24.00

Ketac Universal

From £96.75

Fuji 9 GP Extra

From £107.00

Fuji 8

From £122.00

Fuji Triage

From £67.00

Ketac Fil Plus

From £12.99

Ketac Molar

From £124.45