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Valisafe Denta-Check Protein

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Valisafe Denta-Check Protein Residue Test

The Brilliant Blue Scope-Check / Instru-Check protein test is a rapid test that has the ability to detect residual proteins left behind on the surfaces of washerdisinfectors,

ultrasonic cleaners, endoscopes and other hard to clean surgical instruments. This protein test is based on a dye-binding solution used in clinical

chemistry and can detect protein residues within 1 μg sensitivity. Steam & EO Biological indicators to be used in conjunction with Valispore Incubator

V3504035. Valispore biological indicators for Steam and Ethylene Oxide contain a known quantity of bacterial spores inoculated onto filter paper & placed

inside a plastic culture, with a crushable glass ampoule containing the culture

medium (traceable to a recognisable culture identified in USP and ISO 11138).

Conforms to ISO 11138

Easy to incubate – no laboratory conditions for culturing

Dramatic colour change for positive cultures

Results in 24 hours for steam and 48 hours for Ethylene Oxide


Routine monitoring of a heat sealing device to ensure optimum sealing seams

are achieved for packaging of instruments. The Valisafe Seal Check is for use

as a routine monitor of a sealing device and for operational qualification within

the framework of process validation in accordance with ENISO 11607-2 2006.

Routine monitor for sealing device

In accordance with ENIS0 11607-2 2006

Records sealing time, temperature and pressure

Cost effective

Easy to interpret

Conforms to BS EN ISO 15883

Result within 10 seconds

Easy to use - no incubation required

Clear colour change

Cost effective

For use with: Endoscopes, WD / Ultrasonic surfaces & Surgical instruments

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