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Speedex Putty

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C-silicone impression material

  • Polsiloxane (condensation type) impression material
  • Very, high viscosity 
  • Fast 'snapset' for sharper definition.
  • Superior dimensional stability allows models to be cast up to 7 days after impression taking.
  • Long shelf life: base materials 5 years, activator 3 years 
  • Adjustable setting time by volume of activator. 
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Code Product Description RRP Price Qty Detail
CW4970 Speedex C-Silicone Putty (910ml) £27.45 £26.00
CW4980 Speedex Light Body Wash (140ml) £19.76 £19.76
CW4986 Speedex Medium Body (140ml) £19.76 £19.76
CW4990 Speedex Universal Activator (60ml) £17.99 £16.99
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