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Ketac Universal

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Ketac Universal

Ketac™ Universal Aplicap™ Glass Ionomer Restorative offers low stickiness for easy handling AND reduces chair time with a simple 1-step placement … so you can finish faster. With Ketac Universal Aplicap restorative, there’s no need for conditioning, coating or light-curing steps that slow the procedure down.

3M™ Ketac™ Universal Aplicap™ Glass Ionomer Restorative is a radiopaque, fluoride-releasing glass ionomer restorative in capsules. It is self-adhesive and self-curing, so it eliminates the need for conditioning, coating or light-curing steps. It can be used for restricted stress-bearing Class I and II restorations and also be placed in bulk, no need for layering. It is available in six shades. The new nozzle design of the Aplicap delivery system gives dentists better access to deep cavities.

  •  No need for conditioner or coating

• Self-cure glass ionomer filling material

• Releases fluoride for 2 years

• Tapered nozzle allows better access to the cavities

• High compressive strength


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3M61085 Ketac Universal Aplicap - Assorted Shades (50) £107.45 £96.75
3M61087 Ketac Universal Aplicap - Shade A1 (50) £107.45 £96.75
3M61088 Ketac Universal Aplicap - Shade A2 (50) £107.45 £96.75
3M61089 Ketac Universal Aplicap - Shade A3 (50) £107.45 £96.75
3M61095 Ketac Universal Aplicap - Shade A3.5 (50) £107.45 £96.75
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