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Orotol Plus Aspirator Cleaner

Suction-unit disinfection

Aldehyde and foam-free highly efficient liquid concentrate for the simultaneous disinfection, deodorisation, cleaning, and care of all suction systems and amalgam separators.

  • For suction systems, recommended by leading device manufacturers
  • No resistance development to germs
  • Tested for material compatibility
  • Preserves the value of suction units
  • Dissolves and disinfects bio-film and prevents clogging (blood, proteins)
  • Long-term effect
  • Wide range of effectiveness

2.5L concentrate produces 125 litres of working solution.

Range of action: Bactericide, Tuberculocide, Fungicide, Antiviral (covered Viruses, Adeno-viruses HBV, HCV, HIV

MD 555 Suction Cleaner

 Foam-free concentrated liquid for dental suction units and amalgam separators.

  • Powerful cleaning against deposits of powdered blasting agents
  • Dissolves encrustations and clogging from lime and prophylaxis powder (softening agent)
  • Ideal in combination with orotol® plus or orotol® ultra
  • An effective composition of organic acids and foam-free tensides

 5-10% dilution. Weekly cleaner.

 Effective against:

  • prophylaxis powder
  • salts/carbonates
  • lime


DURR Orotol Plus - Aspirator Cleaner (2.5 Litre)

Picture of DURR Orotol Plus - Aspirator Cleaner (2.5 Litre)

DURR MD 555 Suction Cleaner (2.5 Litre)

Picture of DURR MD 555 Suction Cleaner (2.5 Litre)
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