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Aloe Vera Latex Powder Free

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Aloe Vera Latex - Low Allergy, Powder Free Glove

Aloe Vera has been used for centuries to look after skin due to its natural moisturising and cooling properties. These properties have now been used in the manufacture of our HandCare Aloe gloves to ensure that your hands remain soft and moisturised after wearing the gloves, thereby preventing drying of your hands.


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GL8021 Aloe LATEX Powder Free Gloves - SMALL (100) [GN34-S] £7.50 £5.50
GL8022 Aloe LATEX Powder Free Gloves - MEDIUM (100) [GN34-M] £7.50 £5.50
GL8023 Aloe LATEX Powder Free Gloves - LARGE (100) [GN34-L] £7.50 £5.50
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